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Protects your outboard motor, propeller and skeg.

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Don’t pay for unnecessary repairs to your outboard motor, propeller or skeg.

Let’s face it, our lakes and oceans can get shallow really fast. Not to mention the always-annoying debris. A small investment can save you money, time, and frustration. Spend more time on the water and less in dry dock.

Protect your Investment!!!

Don’t be surprised if your fellow boater drops by and asks a bunch of questions. I recommend you grab 2 beverages and tell them all about it. Who knows, this could be the start of a great friendship.

Other Features and Benefits include:

  • Designed for the ‘Serious Boater’.
    -Keeps fishing lines and downrigger wires away from the propeller.
  • Saves on operating costs.
    -Increases the efficiency by keeping more “solid water” around the propeller.
  • Provides better steering while running at slow speeds. Acts as a rudder when in reverse.
  • Tighter turning radius and less side slip.
  • Patented design includes "pressure release ports", designed to enhance the guards performance.
  • Helps protect motor by deflecting debris in the water.
  • Helps to protect the propeller from damage.
  • Helps to protect the skeg from damage.
  • All required mounting hardware is included.
    -Stainless steel screws, washers and nylon locking nuts, & instructions.
  • Easy to install.
  • Not intended for human protection.

For additional protection see our Propeller Safety Guard


  • Heavy duty stainless steel 10 & 11 gauge.
  • Width 4"
  • Stainless band that is electropolished


Check with your insurance company, an Adventure Marine Propeller Line Guard may qualify for an insurance premium reduction!


To choose the correct model, you MUST measure from under anti-cavitation plate to the bottom of the skeg, as shown by 'Dimension A' below.

To select guard size by propeller diameter only is NOT recommended.

Example: If this distance A measures 12", the guard diameter that you should buy is 12" guard diameter, model 91112-4, as shown in the table below.

How to choose a model, by measurement:

ModelGuard DiameterPropeller Diameter
90709-4 09" 7" to 8"
90910-4 10" 8" to 9"
91011-4 11" 9" to 10"
91112-4 12" 10" to 11"
91213-4 13" 11" to 12"
91314-4 14" 12" to 13"
91415-4 15" 13" to 14"
91516-4 16" 14" to 15"
91617-4 17" 15" to 16"

Recommended maximums for outboard motors:

ModelRecommended Max. HPMax. MPHMax. K/Hr
90709-4 8 30 48
90910-4 to 91415-4 120 40 64
91516-4 & 91617-4 200 30 48

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