Testimonial on 2015-03-31 from Paul, Fire & Rescue Department in Fairfax, VA:

"As discussed on the phone, one of the applications that we have for boats and outboard motors is for swift water rescue operations. For some applications we utilize jets however these motors tend to be too large for flooded roadways and locations that require the use of smaller prop driven boats. For prop operations, we have been looking for reliable means of reducing damage to our propellers and outboards from rocks. We have been evaluating several items and have found the Line Guard to be far superior to all other devices we have found. Recently we conducted a boat school and one of the motors was equipped with a Propeller Line Guard. All motors sustained prop and/or motor damage except the unit equipped with the line guard, this unit sustained a minor ‘ding ‘ to the guard but protected the prop and the motor from any other damage.
Regards, Paul"