Adventure Docking System (ADS)


ADS Ramps

Ramps are 3ft wide x 20ft long. They feature the Sundeck decking system and weigh under 175lbs. Mounting is achieved with a shackle and lug design and can be installed easily on-site. Handrail(s) can be added for additional security. (custom widths and lengths are available)   

ADS Gangways

Gangways are ramps with handrails and often exceed 30 ft in length. They are commonly used in a marina as the primary access way to the docks. They often need to be engrained to meet specific criteria of the builder/customer. Our facility has the ability to design and fabricate gangways up to 40ft in length and 6 feet wide.  

ADS Docks

Docks come in all shapes and sizes. We can work with you to find the perfect solution. Decking material, floating or nonfloating, with or without wave plates. Waveplates are heavy steel plates suspended beneath your dock to reduce wave action  


We work with a number of local companies specializing in pile driving and marine construction. We will assist you in finding the right contractor for your installation. 


Please call 

604 945 2628 – ext 2  

Calling us is the best way to start the process. There are many factors to consider and it’s our goal to help find the right solution for you. 



Aluminum as a building material    

Aluminum is an ideal material for the marine environment, it is corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing. There are thousands of designs and concepts out there and you have likely seen many gangways over the years. 

Ramps and Gangways 

We offer standard design packages or build-to-order. Our friendly staff will assist you with every step to determine what will work best for you. Width, handrails, decking material, and mounting requirements must be considered for your application.


Wooden docks are starting to fall out of favor as the primary building material. Many districts have outlawed the use of pressure-treated lumber in the marine environment, or mandated eco-friendly alternatives. Aluminum is one such material. It does not rot, causes any damage to the environment, and is strong enough to withstand years of abuse. As regulating bodies work to clean up our lakes and oceans we will likely see Alumium docks becoming the marine standard over wood. 


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