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3 Highlights of a High Thrust Kicker Bracket


In the last few years, demand for the Model 4100 high thrust kicker brackets have increased substantially, and the Model 10,000 swim step bracket …

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Protect yourself from boating accidents with a Propeller Safety Guard by Adventure Marine.

Don’t let neglect result in loss of life or limb!

There were 4463 boating accidents reported by the US coast guard in 2016, of which 2903 were personal injuries …

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Fishing boat moving fast at sea, Adventure Marine

Propellor Guards Save the Day


He had called Adventure Marine asking for a 17” line guard and we got talking about his 1966 Sunrunner boat and the propeller line guard that he …

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C Ring Davit in Use on Dinghy | Adventure Marine

The Best Choice in Davit System: C Ring Davit

Sandy Mason had a problem. She had a boat, she had a dinghy, …

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