3 Highlights of a High Thrust Kicker Bracket


In the last few years, demand for the Model 4100 high thrust kicker brackets have increased substantially, and the Model 10,000 swim step bracket isn’t far behind. The need for an affordable kicker bracket of either style is evident. Below we will take a brief look at the key features of the Model 4100 High Thrust Kicker Bracket.

Key Features

  1. The High Thrust Kicker Bracket can be mounted it to the boat’s transom. We have designed the unit with a 17″ overhang that is ideal for most situations. Made from 1/4″ aluminum, the bracket is thick and strong enough to handle a High Thrust Kicker with an extended drive.
  2. The High Thrust Kicker Bracket is coated with a marine grade powder coating coloured in gloss white. Aluminum on its own tends of oxidize and look faded over time. The powder coating keeps it’s shine and matches the colour of most boats. CNC machined Polyurethane plastic mounts are used because of their UV resistance and professional look. The combination makes for an excellent quality kicker bracket that looks great.
  3. The High Thrust Kicker Bracket’s additional 4100 REP plate. This is a reinforcing plate sold separately from the model 4100. It’s a 1/4″ aluminum plate with a matching bolt pattern to the 4100. For customers using a fiberglass, or wooden boat we highly recommend using it. Without it, mounting bolts could suck into in the transom even when using large washers.  

To purchase your Model 4100 High Thrust Kicker Bracket click here.

Don’t forget to add the Model 4100 REP plate to your order if you’re using a wooden or fiberglass boat.

Please Note: Depending on your application, a bracket directly mounted to the swim step might be better for you. Click here to learn more about the Model 10,000.

Happy boating!