Product Highlight: Model 4100 High Thrust Motor Bracket

High Thrust Motor Bracket Shop | Adventure MarineIf there is any one product that best exemplifies Adventure Marine’s commitment to manufacturing excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, it’s the Model 4100 High Thrust Outboard Motor Bracket. Some of you may remember it from our 3-part Kaizen blog series.
In addition to being a great example of Kaizen lean manufacturing at work, the model 4100 is one of our best-reviewed products. Customers rave about strength, reliability, and durability of this motor bracket. Here’s what Joe had to say about it:
“Best and heaviest duty kicker bracket you will find anywhere! Quality constructed heavy aluminum, beautifully powder coated for years of trouble free service! Mounted on my Baha cruiser 251 GLE with a Merc 9.9 High thrust 4 stroke motor, I love it !”
Thanks for the feedback, Joe!
Interested in what sets the model 4100 apart? Not only is it a breeze to install, the 17″ overhang works for most vessels. making it likely it will work for you as well. To make this product even more versatile, we also manufacture a reinforcement plate. This plate allows the model 4100 to be used on wood AND fiberglass without risk of pulling bolts out. As always, if you have any questions about how our products will work on your boat, you can always call or email our knowledgeable staff to take the guesswork out of buying. Customer service is just one of the ways we pass on the savings of our innovative manufacturing process on to our customers.
Once it’s mounted, you can rest assured it will stay sturdy and visibility in good shape since there are no parts susceptible to wearing out. The model 4100 is finished with a marine grade white powder coating which maintains it shine and prevents oxidization. Your boat will look its best for years to come!
The model 4100 High Thrust Motor Bracket is one of our most popular products, and for good reason. From trouble-free installation to excellent durability, it will be the only motor bracket you ever need!
From the Adventure Marine family,
Happy Boating!