An Introduction to Kaizen: Our Mission and Ethos


Boating is for creative thinkers and problem solvers. So is Kaizen! Kaizen is a Japanese word that translates as “change for the better.” On the frontier of this innovative process is Toyota’s Production System. They utilize Kaizen to encourage constant innovation and improvement. Thus aiming to create better quality products at reduced prices with less waste.

Globally, companies are using the foundations laid out by Toyota. But how do we apply those teachings at Adventure Marine? Well, first of all, we identify waste in the manufacturing process and work to end it. The Eight Wastes of Lean give us hints on where to look. For example, waste can occur in areas such as packaging, damage to products, wasted manpower, and over-production.

Kaizen New 6000 palletTake our Model 6000 C-Ring Davit, for example. This davit system is packaged, unpackaged, and repackaged again three times before making it to you, the customer. That’s a lot of plastic packaging destined for the landfills! Not to mention wasted time and energy for our staff and manufacturing partners. Adventure Marine sought a better solution. Thus, we created our own custom pallet to serve three very important functions. First, it’s designed to fit our parts and prevent costly damage. Second, it eliminates the need for plastic and other wasteful materials that end up in the trash. Third, an empty pallet signals the need for production, streamlining the manufacturing model. The Model 6100 C-Ring Davit System benefits from the same innovation. 

Adventure Marine produces and ships hundreds of products to customers all over the world. By prioritizing innovation, we are able to pass on the benefits of shorter delivery times, improved product quality, reduced financial losses, and better customer service. As an added bonus, check out how cool the new davit system crates look!

We want boating adventures to be accessible to all. As our name implies, Adventure Marine works to ensure that this creativity and innovation reaches beyond the manufacturing process. We’re excited to extend our enthusiasm for Kaizen to all aspects of business and life. The C-Ring Davit Systems are only the beginning!

Kaizen in mind, how can you innovate to make your life better and more efficient? All changes for the better can make a difference.

Thanks for joining us on our adventure in innovative change, stay tuned for more developments in the future!

From the Adventure Marine family,

Happy boating!