• 3 x 20 ramp
  • 3 x 20 ramp
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3’x20′ Ramp



Ramps are 3ft wide x 20ft long. Ramps are designed to work with the Sundeck decking system (not included) and weigh under 175 lbs. Mounting is achieved with a shackle and lug design and can be installed easily on-site. Handrail(s) can be added for additional security. (custom widths and lengths are available)   


Installation is straightforward and can be done easily onsight. Connect the angle bracket to the dock with lag bolts, insert the shackle pins and the ramps are installed.   




Please call 

604 945 2628 – ext 2  

Calling us is the best way to start the process. There are many factors to consider and it’s our goal to help find the right solution for you. 



Aluminum as a building material    

Aluminum is an ideal material for the marine environment, it is corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing. There are thousands of designs and concepts out there and you have likely seen many gangways over the years. 

Ramp Features 

This is our go-to ramp. It is the most common and versatile for recreational docks. The free-floating shackle system allows the ramp to move in all directions preventing damage to the structure in rough weather. Delrin anti-wear busing protects the aluminum from damage. The bushings can be replaced and dramatically increase the longevity of the ramp. Roller wheels are installed at the end of the ramp to allow the ramp to move with tidal docks.      


Handrails can be added to one or both sides of this ramp. Ideal if the height over land or water is significant. Or there is a danger of people or equipment giving into the water. 


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